Concert Reviews

Ottawa Citizen, Richard Todd, Ottawa Concert Review, 04/19/12

"...It benefited from the best kind of quartet playing, in which the ensemble is completely integrated and yet each player's individual contribution is distinct and full of character. And this is all the more remarkable as these musicians came together less than three years ago...." Read the full review

Musical Toronto, John Terauds, COC Concert Review, 02/10/12

"...Besides the thrill of seeing and hearing four high-powered principals from the Toronto and Montreal Symphony Orchestras playing as one, I was struck by how these four artists were also able to suspend time and capture this listener's attention with a semblance of complete stillness..." Read the full review

American Record Guide, Bill Rankin, Edmonton Concert Review, 12/04/11

"...The New Orford Quartet, established in 2009, has the balance I've been craving and a performance demeanor that exudes consummate musicianship and a commitment to entertaining without fuss..." Read the full review

La Presse, Claude Gingras

" a mere two years this 'junior' Orford has achieved a level of technique, sound quality, blend and an expressive richness that required a quarter of a century of the former group. What we heard Monday evening was of the highest level, equalling in all respects what the Ladies' Morning and Pro Musica purvey us from abroad..." Read the full review

Ottawa Citizen, Richard Todd, 07/18/11

"...eminently musical and paid attention to a few details, particularly contrapuntal balance in certain episodes that are not often done in quite the same way..." Read the full review

The Montreal Gazette, Arthur Kaptainis, 07/27/09

"The world was made in six days. String quartets are supposed to take longer. But here was the New Orford String Quartet, sounding sweet, balanced and technically unassailable on Saturday, less than a week after their members, all past or present orchestra players, met for the first time..." Read the full review

CD Reviews

Schubert Beethoven CD CoverFranz Schubert: String Quartet No. 15 in G Major, D. 887, Op. 161

Ludwig Van Beethoven: String Quartet No. 16 in F Major, Op. 135

New Orford String Quartet

Fanfare Magazine, Jerry Dubins

"...An ensemble entering into the fray of such highly competitive arenas as Schubert's and Beethoven's quartets often raises the question critics invariably ask, 'Do these performances offer new insights or have something special to say?' To that I can answer with a most emphatic yes..." Read the full review

Audiophile Audition, Lee Passarella, 09/14/11

" the New Orford rendering neither beauty nor drama is sacrificed. This is a performance of rare intensity..." Read the full review

Toronto Star, John Terauds, 08/16/11

This foursome of high-powered Canadian string stars presents performances of two canonical early-Romantic works that are nothing short of electrifying... Both four-movement pieces veer between intimacy and grandeur, extroversion and quiet solitude. These four string virtuosos animate every note with uncommon power and passion as well as elegance. Listen and weep.

4 out of 4 stars

Classical Music Sentinel, Jean-Yves Duperron, 08/11

"...Their grip on the varying levels of expression at their disposal is flawless, as is their control of dynamics throughout. But what is most wonderful about all this is the ease with which they deliver this effect..." Read the full review

S. James Wegg, 07/24/11

"...With so much going for them, here's to many more collaborations between the New Orford String Quartet and Bridge Records—there's much more Beethoven ahead and listeners eagerly awaiting their views..." Read the full review

AllMusic Reviews, Mike D. Brownell, 09/11

"...Like the senior Orfords, the New Orford's interpretations are driven and vivacious while still achieving moments of complete serenity as in the Beethoven Lento. Bridge captures the appealing sound and youthful energy with a warm, detailed, and developed recorded sound..." Read the full review

Fanfare Magazine, Burton Rothleder

"...I will dispense with the details of performance quality by describing the New Orford's playing succinctly as having perfection of intonation, superb tone quality, and unsurpassed clarity of musical line, while offering ensemble playing of the finest character..." Read the full review